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Melissa McFarlane – Communications Manager 

"The series of colourful and vibrant textured notebooks from the Althea McNish: Colour is Mine collection are some of my favourite pieces available, exclusively, at the Whitworth Shop. The bold prints on the cover of each notebook are taken directly from the collection and will look striking on any coffee table or nestled on any bookshelf - a functional and beautiful salute to Althea McNish's Caribbean heritage and textile designs that span more than five decades."

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Alistair Hudson – Director of the Whitworth 

Kuba Szreder’s ABC of the Projectariat is a really vitalbook that connects with the Whitworth’s research programme and forthcomingexhibition Economics the Blockbuster, but also very insightful and entertaining– and a very good ‘toilet book’!

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Dominic Bilton – (Un)Defining Queer Project Producer 

One of my favourite pieces in the Whitworth shop is the A1 print The Creatures of Plas Newyd. The print was made by the artist Sarah-Joy Ford after her residency at theHistoric House and Gardens in Llangollen (Wales). The print is so rich incolour and is adorned with creatures that are magical, whimsical and surreal,and they take me to places in my imagination where animals are allowed to bepink, blue, green and red.

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Ruth Wedgbury – Whitworth Enterprise Administrator

My favourite product from the Whitworth Shop is the handmade ‘Dive Bag’ by The Hide Ranger. It’s important to buy leather that is sourcedsustainably, and The Hide Ranger designs all of her items from recycled andreclaimed leather offcuts, such as old sofas. This bag is the perfect size andyou can tell it’s made to last with its sturdy strap. There are plenty of othergems within her range, exclusive to the Whitworth Shop and at affordableprices.

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Jason Lau – Visitor Team Member

I think the product range produced by the Sculpts is incredibly beautiful. My favourite is the T within the print for Townhall, as it gives asense of its neo-gothic grandeur in Albert Square, along with clouds symbollingthe city's unpredictable weather system. Truly a landmark and icon of Manchester.

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Sarah Potter - Conservator (Sculpture and Preventive)

I love the medium candle holders and the candles too – I’ve been eyeing them up since they made
their way into Althea McNish’s Batchelor Girl Room when we were installing. The colours of the
candles are fantastic and something I’ve never seen before (why aren’t more candles stripey!) and
paired with a bright candle holder with the simple silhouette is perfect.