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What are you Feeling?

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A title by The School of Life. The school of life exists to improve your mental well being. 

What Are You Feeling? is the first in a series of books that aims to develop emotional literacy for children aged 5-8 years. It is a book about finding interesting words for interesting feelings. It explores what lots of feeling words really mean and which words best describe the many feelings a child may have.

  • The first title in a new series of picture books to cultivate a child’s emotional literacy skills, supporting the social emotional learning curriculum.
  • Offers 20 examples of common emotions and feelings, including happy, proud, silly, angry and curious, to help children recognise and then verbalise their inner state with developed emotional vocabulary.
  • Fun and colourful illustrations by award-winning illustrator Daniel Gray-Barnett.

Hardback book | 60 pages | 260 x 230mm | 28 colour illustrations