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The Black Curriculum Legacies: Black British Pioneers

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Discover the inspiring stories of iconic figures from Black British History in this informative, boldly illustrated collection of Black icons.

Learn the incredible untold stories of the people, places and journeys that shaped Britain, and be inspired to continue learning beyond the page.

Discover inspiring stories about key figures from Black British History. Learn about Britain's Black STEM heroes, like Dr Cecil Belfield Clark who changed medicine; incredible musicians from Evelyn Dove to Arlo Parks; sports stars who broke new ground, like Maurice Burton and Lewis Hamilton; and activists like Olive Morris and Claudia Jones who fought for their communities.

Learn about the links between different legacies and how people from the past paved the way for modern day heroes. This book features a foreword from Lewis Hamilton, bright, bold illustrations, and extra information, including a timeline and glossary of key terms.