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Calm - The School of Life

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A guide to developing the art of finding serenity by understanding the sources of our anxiety and frustrations.

Nowadays almost all of us wish we could be calmer; it is one of the distinctive longings of the modern age. Across history people have sought adventure and excitement, however a new priority for many of us is a desire to be more tranquil. This is a book designed to support us in our endeavours to remain calm against all the adversities life throws at us.

  • A refreshing approach to the art of finding calm and serenity in a busy and complicated world.
  • Acknowledges and explores the causes of anxiety and frustration and provides advice on how to confront the sources of our stress.
  • A practical guide that equips readers with the mental tools needed to remain calm in the face of life’s anxieties and stresses.
  • Paperback