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Total Football with Many Goals White T-Shirt - lumbung Space

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Lumbung Kios are exhibiting in Economics the Blockbuster as part of Manchester International Festival. They are a global network of artists forging a self-driven, sustainable economic model for selling their work, and provide merchandise with a purpose.

"This is a harvest by the artistic team, with drawing by Daniella Praptono and T-shirt design by Studio 4oo2. We see this drawing as a reminder to continue to be looked at, or return, especially since we always believe in the importance of combining this documenta’s fifteen processes as part of our journey. To simultaneously think of them before, during, and after documenta fifteen, and to always think about how in this journey we should continue to be doing what we are doing/practicing and making sure that what we have learned could always cycle back to where we are anchored at, and to strengthen the work and the network that we are currently building.”

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