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Sarah-Joy Ford, A Queer Manifesto - Tea Towel

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This organic cotton tea towel has been designed exclusively for the Whitworth by Sarah-Joy Ford to accompany the (Un)Defining Queer exhibition. 

This pattern design is featured in the border of Ford's banner quilt in the exhibition.  The pattern was created in partnership with the (Un)Defining Queer constituent group. The artist and group came together for a creative session to write and illustrate A Queer Manifesto. With the designs created by the group, Ford has used their illustrations as inspiration for the collaborative Queer Manifesto Design. 

A Queer Manifesto, 2022. Created by Sarah-Joy Ford in Conversation with the (Un)Defining Queer Constituent Group at the Whitworth. Pattern Design. © Sarah-Joy Ford. 

100% Organic Cotton Tea Towel. Made and printed in the UK.

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