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Projek Rabak 10 Years of a Collective - lumbung Kios

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Projek Rabak 10 Years of a Collective - lumbung Kios

This book is the first of its kind in recording Malaysia's art-cultural growth history of a collective and regarding the topic of collectives.

Projek Rabak, an artist-friend collective from Ipoh, Malaysia, published moments of our first 10 years in this book of essays, articles, posters, designs, rare and never-before-published photographs, also other contents shedding light on the multifaceted nature of Rabak in arts, aesthetic, influence, style, impact, role and function as a counter-culture collective.

Other than playing the role as a curator as well as hosting festivals, programs, exhibitions, artist building, ecosystem and networking, Rabak also leads efforts such as the publishing house, Rabak-Lit (2012); alternative space, Khizanat (2013); Rabak Studio (2013), Projek Rabak Gallery (2015); contemporary art festival, Ipoh Kreative (2015); library/bed & breakfast, Rumah Khizanat (2016); networking space, Kedutaan Ipoh, Jakarta (2019) and Hiroshima (2020); and other initiatives that are not as well-known to the public.

Since 2011, Rabak has been active in creating chaos; in intensity for years.

Lumbung Kios are exhibiting in Economics the Blockbuster as part of Manchester International Festival. They are a global network of artists forging a self-driven, sustainable economic model for selling their work, and provide merchandise with a purpose.

English and Malay text.

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