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Orange Lumbung Zine - Boloho

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Booklet about Lumbung in Chinese and English

Documenta fifteen.

Many people, when eating a jackfruit, throw away the seeds, unaware that they are actually a delicacy. The name BOLOHO is a Cantonese romanization of the Chinese word for "jackfruit seed" - and in 2019 the space of the same name was created in a rugged old residential area in the city center of the megalopolis Guangzhou. Based on their experiences in the modern working world on the one hand and traditional family models on the other hand, the two creative workers founded BUBU and CAT BOLOHO as a result of their reflection on the relationship of the individual to family structures and social role understanding. Since then they have been trying to bring people, organizations and communities together in their environment to act together and support each other.

Lumbung Kios are exhibiting in Economics the Blockbuster as part of Manchester International Festival. They are a global network of artists forging a self-driven, sustainable economic model for selling their work, and provide merchandise with a purpose.

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