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Framed Collograph Print by Britto Arts Trust

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Framed Collograph Print by Britto Arts Trust

This Collagraphy print is a textured plate is inked up and put through a press. Different textures hold varying amounts of ink and print different tones. Anything with a low relief texture can be stuck down and used: wallpaper, leaves, fabrics, tapes and threads etc. The collagraph plate is then varnished and can be printed intaglio or relief. This is our method of creating and printing collagraph plates intaglio.

6 X 6 inch, on archival paper.

Lumbung Kios are exhibiting in Economics the Blockbuster as part of Manchester International Festival. They are a global network of artists forging a self-driven, sustainable economic model for selling their work, and provide merchandise with a purpose.

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