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Capture Bind Escape Publication - Lumbung Press

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Capture Bind Escape Publication - Lumbung Press

Capture Bind Escape is a guide written by DualForces 000, after having safety related conversations with Fred Hansen of the Artistic Team of documenta fifteen, and in response to multiple incidents of assault and aggression at St. Kunigundis in Kassel, as well as the many other unfortunate incidents that have occurred. DualForces 000 is a Los Angeles based heterarchical creative defense group exhibiting within Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale community at St. Kunigundis.

Lumbung Kios are exhibiting in Economics the Blockbuster as part of Manchester International Festival. They are a global network of artists forging a self-driven, sustainable economic model for selling their work, and provide merchandise with a purpose.

54 pages.

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